Eastern Gate Services

Services we offer are:

  • Credit Review and Consulting includes: 
    • Detailed analysis of personal credit, explanations about credit reports and how to improve them
    • Credit Improvement Consultants are available to work on general improvements for your needs, and will give you a detailed good-faith estimate on how much it would cost for them to do the work for you (through our partner program)
  • Personal and Business Budget Analysis
    • Is it time to be on a budget?  We help find money you may be throwing away! 
  • Personal and Business Credit Rebuilding
    • There are several avenues we can assist in helping to build and rebuild your credit
  • New Business Start-Up Consulting
    • Looking for a new business or have the perfect idea and have questions, we can help get you on your way! 
  • Notary Public Services – Mobile and In-House including Mortgage Signing
    • To help in any necessary documents along the way, or to meet any personal or business need you may have, our Notary Public representatives come to you on your schedule: $.57 cents per mile / $10.00 per stamp.  To meet with a Notary Public go to the Home Page and book your appointment now! 

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Improve Your Credit Score!

We’re so excited to introduce to you this groundbreaking Do-It-Yourself Program that will allow countless people to transform their lives. When used it can help them potentially raise their Credit Score up by as much as 200 points in 60-days or less! 

  •  40+ Primary Lines of Credit, Up To a Value of $50,000
  •  7- Weeks to 700 PDF Book
  •  Step-by-Step for qualifying for an auto loan
  •  Step-by-Step for qualifying for a mortgage
  •  Quick-Start Training
  • Private Facebook™ Group
  • And More!

Isn’t it time you took your credit to the next level? Click here to get started today!

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Eastern Gate Services, LLC partnered with Christian Financial Counseling, a company that has been successful since early 2016. The expansion was necessary to handle the client load. Now, we are able to work in multiple states, and are adding more services to accommodate the growing needs of our clientele.

Recently, Christian Financial Counseling achieved an award for the Best of Burien 2019, for Credit Counseling Services and again in 2020. You can view their website at www.cfcinnovations.com and learn in more detail what they have to offer.

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